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Poker Blinds

What are Blinds?

On the basis of the poker game limit, the player to the left of the dealer button (small blind) and the player two to the left of the dealer (big blind) are required to put compulsory bets in the pot, before cards are dealt. These are called blinds. To simplify the small blind has to put half of the big blinds amount. These bets make up the first round of betting. So if the pot is not increased preflop, small blind will only have to put half a bet to call and big blind has the choice of raising or just checking.

Calculate Blind Structure

Simply follow these simple steps to create blind structure that best fits your game:

Settle on your starting chip amount.

Divide it by 50. This would be your first big blind.

Let your final big blind (when the tournament ends) equal to your starting chip amount.

Arrange the middle level blinds so that they slowly increase from your first big blind to the last one. It is good to keep the first few blind periods slow.

Add the period or times together. If it seems too long takes a few levels off the chart, and if it seems short add up couple of levels to the chart.

Texas Holdem Poker Blinds

The Texas Holdem poker blinds are the first bets that are placed in the game, before any cards are drawn. It is central to know how these bets are made, and how to play the rest of the Holdem poker game to win the Holdem poker blinds.

The big and the small blinds are quite common in Texas Holdem .The blinds change the way players play in the game because without them one and all would fold all the games except when they get first-rate hole cards. Because the Texas Holdem poker blinds are first bets placed in the game, players try not to lose them and keep on risking with poorer hands.

When you play the beginning of the game, you can try to increase as much as you can afford, in order to win the Texas Hold'em poker blinds, if all other players fold. This is known as "stealing the blinds". It is a known poker strategy, and it works because many players dread early raisers and prefer to let go of the blinds in order to prevent later losses.


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